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Essential oils can be diverse in their chemical makeup.  Claims, good or bad, can be made about a specific batch of essential oils that may not be true of another batch of oils.  Standardizing and synthesizing essential oils also do not represent a true example of a natural essential oil.  What goes into assuring that these essential oils are safe and effective is more important than even what they may or may not do.  It could take just a few drops of an adulterated, poorly farmed, incorrectly distilled essential oil to damage a small pet.  .  The most important biological imperative when selecting essential oils for use in pets is their guaranteed actual purity.  Find out how to authenticate the oils you choose to use.  




Dr. Nancy Offers

Dr. Nancy Brandt " The Pioneering Veterinarian in Veterinary Medical Aromatherapy®" with over 20 years experience in the Safe and Effective use of Essential Oils in Animals.

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