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Why should you join Dr. Nancy's quest?

Here is one reason by Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt

To whom it may concern,

In my opinion Dr. Nancy Brandt is most qualified to teach in every aspect connected with aromatherapy, essential oils and the welfare of animals. It is my experience that Dr. Brandt has the most encompassing knowledge in the field of aromatherapy as it pertains to the wellbeing and treatment of animals, especially companion animals.

San Rafael, October 20th

Kurt Schnaubelt

(Author & Scientific Director, Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy)October 20th, 2015

Where does Dr. Nancy buy her essential oils?

Dr. Nancy will only support the purchase of  "Biologically Active ® Essential Oils " that have passed a 12 question screening process and deemed Biologically Active ® . For more information contact us.