Veterinary Medical Aromatherapy®


A “Wholistic” life is investigating the whole aspect of impact on our biological systems.  This book educates you, the guardian; on the many areas chemicals impact your pet’s health.  I then give fabulous alternatives that decrease the toxic load or burden our pets are forced to carry.  It all adds up.  

$24.99 - 170 pages including bonus Chemical Free Recipes recipes

This is a quick study book with simple how to and not as much why essential oils work so well in a first aid situation.  More about that can be found in "Safe and Effective Veterinary Medical Aromatherapy®" Fall 2016.  We have supplied many links to our website to provide video and other resources to expand beyond this pocket guide to quick, safe and effective first aid for those pets you love and who love you back.

67 Pages                                           $19.95

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 Dr. Nancy's new book.   259 Pages

"Evolutionary Feeding of Pets"  $25.00 

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